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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Response: Christianity & Conservatism "Defined" Pt 2

If you haven't read the first part of this response, please scroll down to the youtube video of Charles Barkley and then come back.

I realize that this was an interview that revolved around the politics of Mr. Barkley, but as was brought out more than once- he has a deep irritation, if not anger, with those who call themselves Christians. Mr. Blitzer asked if he was concerned about the response to his blatent remarks and he (Barkley) responded, "They can't touch me...they can't do anything to me".

What would be the response worldwide if Barkley had said "Muslims" in place of the word Christians? I think President Bush himself would be involved in demanding an apology. To my knowledge, however, there has been nothing said. It has been swept under the rug. Even worse, perhaps forgotten. Worse yet, people just don't care. There is such apathy toward religious 'persecution' of Christians.

Allow me to first lay my thoughts on the line regarding true Christianity and the Body of Christ. In the name of 'Christianity' horrific and unmentionable atrocities have been done in our history, preachers and evangelists have fallen into sin, those claiming Christ as their master have been hypocritical and hurtful.... All the while- the world watches. We know this. We are saddened by this. It is, however, what it is: "sin". We are human and are fallen in our humanness. This is why Christ has conquered; because we will never achieve perfection until we are with Him in Glory. Those who are 'soundly saved' will still err and may even, unfortunately, do it in the wake of the public eye.

Those who do not know Christ are daily reminded of their need for Him. Their justification of problems and blame falls on 'the hypocritical church' and this is only heightened by their desperate realization of the Holy Spiritis' conviction of their own sin. They are daily searching for a reason (other then their own failings) as to why they are at enmity with a Holy God. It is an absolute error to think that due to the unlawful sin of others, you might one day not stand accused before a righteous and just God. We will all give an account one day and there will be no one standing next to us that we can point to.

As Believers, we are reminded in Matthew chapter 7, that we should not be judging or correcting other Christians if our own life needs to be examined first. Christ goes onto say in other passages that we should correct and bring those that have strayed away back onto the path of righteousness.

We must be careful to always see scripture in light of the context that surrounds it. It would not behoove me to "judge" an unbeliever's sinful actions (homosexuality, drunkeness, etc.) however, because they already stand condemned before a Holy God. We must show them in love their need for redemption through the mirror of the ten commandments. Remember, "grace to the humble and law to the proud".

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Anonymous said...

I responded below to the Video to which you speak of, and I tear up reading this post you have here! Your post says it all!! Great read, thank you for sharing with us.