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Monday, September 29, 2008

One year anniversary

This September marks the one year anniversary of my first ever race! I ran a 5K downtown on my birthday and had so much fun! My whole family came as well as some dear friends from my highschool! So, about two weeks ago I ran that same race again and beat my time by almost three minutes! Out of 500 runners, I came in 95th overall. Hoorah!

I started thinking about all the races that I've participated in over the past year and decided to put in a diary of pictures on the blog today. Happy running anniversary everybody! (The pictures are totally out of order and a few are missing..., but you get the idea!)

Half Marathon #2 (April 2008) 13.1 miles

First race ever! Downtown 9/2007 (5K)

Christmas Race 12/2007 (Freezing cold! Brrr!) 5K

Half Marathon #1 (13.1 miles)

Thanksgiving 4 miler (11/2007)

First Triathlon 6/2008 5K

Hubby & me! His first 5K 8/2008

Downtown 5K Night race 9/2008


My boys informed me yesterday that they were going to have a sack race using their "suitcases"! (Look closely friends, we would usually call those pillow cases...") Ha!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I just heard an awesome sermon on this topic this afternoon. And do you know what the gist of it was? Bad things don't happen to good people...bad things happen to bad people. There is us. Then there is God. He is the only one that is good. Pretty simple, huh.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


My friends and I (the aforementioned 'running buddies') were out for a long run early this morning. Yes, friends who want to stink with me! (Please read the prior post to catch up, if you have not already done so). Anyway, on the last turn of the final stretch I decided to plug in to my MP3. I get really "in the zone" when I plug in and during that last mile or so I really like that extra adrenaline. I've heard all the stories from the elite runners that wearing music makes you less of a runner or something ridiculous like that. I've also heard that it's dangerous. Sure, danger! danger! Humph.

So, here I am...all plugged in and totally focused on the road ahead. Not really thinking about the road behind. Not really at all. Occasionally checking to my left side to make sure running friends L & S were still there. Totally focused on how 'not dangerous' I am. Totally forgetting to take one of my earplugs out at the crossing of the road (which I usually always do).

All of a sudden as we crossed the last main road and turned to finish on the trail (on the left side of the road) I lost track of L & S out of my peripheral vision and realized something was wrong. And then I saw them. Lots of them. Cyclists.

Has any one ever played dominoes? Uh-huh. In a nutshell... lots of male bicyclists in a pile. The first guy thought I was going to turn in front of them so he threw on the brakes. I quickly jumped off the path into some bushes; the guy behind the braking guy was watching me dive into the foliage and didn't see all that braking action and 'boom'! Right into him. Down. Hard.

The guy after him avoided it and about joined me in the bushes. The fourth guy was on a recumbent bike and looked really annoyed as he tried to get out of the main road and back onto the trail. Seriously! I'd be annoyed. Stupid blonde girl with earplugs on. Dangerous earplugs.

I apologized all over myself and kept asking if everyone was okay. They were so super nice and I think the one guy was just more embarrassed than hurt. Thankfully, we had just crossed a main road and they had slowed down to basically nothing- so they weren't going very fast. Honestly, they could have been really hurt. Praise the Lord- He is truly sovereign and is aware of our need for help- even we we are totally unaware of it.

So, lesson learned. Still gonna wear the dangerous earplugs, but maybe just one ear at a time...and definitely going to look out for bicycles. You'd think I'd be more careful, right?! Being the famous triathlete I am. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last year at this time I had a band of friends that I called 'running buddies'. I honestly couldn't do without them. They encourage me to press on at mile ten...eleven...and twelve when I'm exhausted and want to plunge into the nearest river.

Since our maiden voyage (aka: 1/2 marathon) one year ago, I've had the privilege of running in two 1/2 marathons, one triathlon and half a dozen smaller foot races. At least one or two of these dear friends have always been by my side...either cheering from the side-line or pulling me to the finish-line.

Currently, I'm training for another Half and have just found out today that I'm going solo. Due to injury and schedule conflicts, most of the group has decided to hold off until the Spring Half. Why is it that only AFTER I sign up and shell out nearly $80 that I find out I'm alone! I'll be okay in the race, but it's all the training that I'm dreading! All the lonely weekday runs and weekend long-runs by myself. Me. Alone. Aargh.

I'm determined (selfishly, of course) to find a friend. Someone who has the same drive and passion to get up before the sunrise and run until you stink. Oh, where are you, determined runner friend?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Magic in the Kitchen

Until seven days ago I never realized that my life was missing something. Until seven days ago I was not aware that my household could save money in such a great way. Until seven days ago I didn't realize that my time in the kitchen could be cut back in such amazing ways. Until seven days ago I didn't realize how healthy we could eat. Until seven days ago I didn't know that $22 could equal priceless. Amazing my friends...absolutely amazing.

I have rarely had to use pots, pans, bowls or the like since I purchased this product (conserving water due to cleanup). I have made all of our breakfast, dinners and dessert in this little black bucket in the microwave. I have not had to use any non-stick sprays, oils, butters or flour and yet everything slides out like it was sitting on Teflon. I have not had to use my oven (saving money) and keeping our home cooler (less AC)!

And on the issue time-saving...Yesterday, we had two events to go do for the Labor Day holiday. In 25 consecutive minutes I made a chocolate lava cake, brownie caramel cordial, pasta salad and barbecue chicken (chicken was cooked already)sandwiches.

Seriously! I would mix up the batter for a cake, cook it for approx seven or eight minutes, flip it out of the cooker; rinse it out and then onto my next recipe! It never is hot enough to burn you on the outside (steam gets hot so watch out when opening)... so you don't have to wait for it to cool down before going onto your next food prep step!

I've made crustless quiche in about six minutes and it just slides out... no sticky egg residue or odor. Love it love it! I've quickly made basmati rice (usually takes 20+ minutes) in about five minutes w/ zero oil and it slides right out!

No, I am not a consultant. No, I'm not being paid for this advertisement. No, I am not receiving free gifts and vacations for my plug of this amazing product. No, I am not a materialist. Okay, maybe just a little when it comes to the rice cooker.

So, if you're hooked like a little fishy after this review and would love to spend your own hard earned $22 to save you time and money- give you local Pampered Chef gal a call!

The First Day

Today was our first day of kindergarten! My son (just turned five) and I have been looking forward to this day of initial homeschooling adventure! We went out the back door and walked hand in hand into the door of learning. (aka: front door)

Overall, the day was a success. We spent approximately two hours in lessons today and then broke for outdoor playtime and lunch. Right now my boys are taking a bath due to the mud 'class' in the backyard.

My oldest is having a hard time adjusting to the schedule of a school day- although it is SO relaxed compared to any institutional education. Today he told me (as a follow up to the past weeks) that he doesn't really need to go to school because he already knows everything in the whole world. Great. My work should be really easy. Aargh.

Here are a couple shots of him with his completely empty backpack (aka: prop) that he loves to wear around the house. I have no idea what we're going to put in it, but he feels more socialized with it on. And we just know that we've got to socialize those homeschoolers, so have at it kiddo.