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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check This Out!

My cousins sent the boys this fabulous CD for Christmas! "The Way My Story Goes" is by Artist Jamie Soles of Canada (homeschooling dad) and his family. There are 24 songs on the album and they are all incredible, detailed variations of Bible stories and scripture verses. Not only is the father talented, but the children as well! It is so great to hear them all singing along and doing it so joyfully! You will be blessed by this CD. Although it is geared toward children- I find myself popping it in when they are in bed because I like it so much!

If you read Jamie's bio, he shares the following about “The Way My Story Goes”.

"It is full of Old Testament story songs, all with a view to showing forth Christ in the Old Testament stories. It begins with Noah, and sweeps through the OT till near the end, where a version of Psalm 80 (“Give Ear”, a longing for the Messiah to come) provides the transition to the New Testament, where there are some songs of glory in Christ and a forward look to the resurrection.

A statement made by C.S. Lewis about children’s literature has shaped my understanding of how to build a kids song. It was something along these lines, that if a book cannot be enjoyed by a fifty year old, it won’t make good and lasting children’s literature. By the same token, if the song is unbearable for an adult to listen to, it won’t be a good kids song. I have been pleased to hear reports of fathers taking this new CD out to the barn where they can listen to it by themselves!"

For more information on Jamie's music ministry, please visit his website.
If you would like to read Jamie's blog, please visit his blog.

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