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Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Years Resolution is to Gain Six Pounds... More or Less

2/2012 Update: Thank you to everyone that has been such a blessing in helping us to get closer to our financial adoption goals! As you may note on our adoption donation site, our goal has increased to $16,500 as our family continues to save for this adoption. (We have a wonderful grant, but due to restrictions that have come to light, we must raise slightly more than once anticipated). It is fun for us to have a 'thermometer' and watch our savings put toward our newest little member. Again, we thank our family, friends and the body of Christ for stepping forward over the past two months to help! We love you guys!

Our New Years resolution is to get bigger this year- by at least six pounds at first and growing from there, more or less. No, I haven't lost my mind. No, McDonald's is not paying us to be in a documentary. Yes, we are adopting!

Over the past two years we have raised, saved, scrimped and begged to add to our $33,500 agency adoption fund. Yes, I said Thirty-three thousand, five-hundred d o l l a r s. Get out the inhaler and put your head between your knees- you'll be fine in a minute... Better now?

Can you spare just $5 for adoption?! If each person can give only five bucks, we could reach our goal!

We've sold lemonade to every neighbor child in a 20 mile radius and the trash men know us by our first names because of all the cookies we've sold to them. Yes, my boys freak out when they see "that look" in my eyes and wonder which of their toys I'm going to sell to fill the glass mason jar in the pantry marked Adoption with a black sharpie on the lid.

In all seriousness, the Lord has been gracious and over the past week we have raised an additional $1300 from AMAZING friends, family and complete strangers who have wanted to help us reach our final $10,000 goal!

But you know what? It is going to be TOTALLY worth it. I can't wait. Bring on the diaper changes with those funky new cloth diapers that my husband despises. Bring on the 2am feedings--err, screaming sessions. Bring on the looks from people who don't understand pale peach mommy snuggling little sweet brown baby. Bring.It.On. I love my children and can't wait to see our family growing through the grace of Christ!


A heart FULL of gratitude

Can I just tell you (and you know who you are) how amazing ya'll are?! What a blessing it is to put out a request for adoption donations and see such a wonderful response! It roughly one day using our online fundraising site HERE (plus donations that came through coworkers and friends), we were able to add $1,200 to our adoption account!! Praise the Lord for that! You honestly don't know what a blessing it was- and we are so thankful for YOU! One day when our little one is old enough, I'm going to sit him or her down and tell about all the people who wanted to bring them into our home-- wanted them to be a 'Daniels' and wanted them to have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ.

Bless you all...

For His fame,


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An adoption donation challenge!

"Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed.
Defend the cause of orphans..."

Isaiah 1:17a

Would you give ONLY $5.00 to help bring a child into their forever family's home? Well, you can!


Our family started down the road to adoption in February 2010. We have a total of $33,500 that needs to be raised for the current agency that we are working with. Right now, only $10,000 is outstanding to raise!!

If we can find 2,000 willing people to give just FIVE DOLLARS, we can raise our final amount!!

We love children and are excited for the additional blessings that the Lord will add to our family one day. We wait patiently on His timing and for His good will!

Our love & gratitude,