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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scrumptious Sunday

It is Saturday evening...close to 11pm. I have been cooking for an hour or two because husband is out with the boys tonight and frankly...I'm bored. While some of you will curl up with a good book, watch a movie or take a luxurious bath when the children are asleep and the hubby is away, I cook.

Sunday mornings are always a little hectic in our household and it seems we end up with cereal and toast on the run. Which, mind you, is okay...but I was craving something yummy to wake up to in the a.m.! Begin preparation the evening before and you will be semi-stress free in the morning! (at least the breakfast portion of the morning) *grin*

One of my favorite breakfasts is my original 'crust-less quiche'. I've never liked the idea of a pastry shell with my eggs. I end up flaking it off and honestly it's healthier without it. So, I give a good spray to my pie dish and in goes the eggs, ham, cheese, vegetables, salsa, sour cream, etc. Not only is it beautiful, but packed with protein and vitamins!

So, here I am...taking a taste test. Understand, this goes against my absolute cardinal rule of zero eating 2-3 hours before bed! But... Mmmmm. Maybe just a little more. Ok, only one more bite. Yes, there is still enough for breakfast. Look at that picture! Isn't it gorgeous!?

Next, I made the cinnamon rolls. Can I just give a good word of advice at this point in the post? Never take a completely random person's recipe advice off a cooking website. You know, the kind that allows anyone to post something? Yikes. A lesson well learned for me this evening.

I usually make up my bread dough recipe, then roll it out, put in all my goodies, slice and bake. And that's all well and good- but tonight I wanted them special. Like really good "from the bakery" whole wheat cinnamon rolls. I should have known the recipe was bunk when it called for six eggs. Six eggs?! For one batch of rolls? And me...the little lemming just put 'em right in. So...four or five cups of EXTRA cups of flour later (I lost count) , I finally had a slightly doable dough. I'm still letting them rise. Half of them have raisins and the other half are plain. I used a honey/butter mixture with cinnamon on the inside. Too much drama. But they're still pretty, right?

As always, if you just can't live without these me! Enjoy your day! I'm off to bed! Oh wait...the rolls are still baking. Hmmm...maybe I'll have just a little more quiche...

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Kate said...

Sounds like what I did with some banana breads recently. I tried using stone ground whole wheat flour - and it was forever and a day later before I could correct my mess! It was still eatable and gone in 24 hours - phew! Looks yummy! Share the quiche - we love quiche!