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Friday, March 21, 2008

Indeed, it is Good

The entire week we have been reading and re-reading the passages in the gospels about the events that led up to the death of Jesus as well as his crucifixion. This morning during my quiet time I read it again, including His resurrection and ascension.

As I read aloud, I pondered the actions of Peter. His fearful and angry interaction with the servant and the sword. Can you imagine? Jesus being led away by the Roman guard and his disciples are fighting for their Lord... in their desperation, one turns, flailing his sword, panting, sweating, screaming and cuts off an ear of a servant. Amidst the struggle, gasps and painful cries, Jesus turns and rebukes Peter and heals the injured man! Right there in the garden... He heals him. He placed his ear back on miraculously.

Truly, can you imagine this servant's reaction? We don't know what happened to him. We don't know if he became a follower of our Lord that very night. But I will tell you this, you cannot have the healing power of the Divine rush through your body without being affected.

We all have our own personal testimonies about our interaction with Majesty. Our Creator God has spared us from the consequence we so rightly deserved. He has spared us from an eternity in Hell, separated from Him. Praise Him! Indeed, it is Good!

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