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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Blog

Blogging has always puzzled me. My reservations regarding anonymity had always kept me from sharing any personal information via the internet. Web forums make me nervous. I keep far away from chat rooms. Online banking has me shaking in my shoes. If you send me an email with a link, you can bet I won't click on it until I've confirmed it's validity through Snopes.

I, honestly, had always been appalled of the by the nature of blogs. Sharing one's personal thoughts for all to read?! Taking criticism from complete strangers for your opinions and views?! Publishing pictures of your children for all to see?! Asking for trouble, I tell you!

Obviously, I have reformed from my original thinking. It was in July of 2007 that I decided to take the plunge into Blogworld. I had a few proviso's that I have always kept at the heart of this blog.

The first and most important is that my posts would be God-honoring and a benefit to those reading it; either in factual information, humor, encouragement, or Biblical perspective. I don't want this to become a gossip column or a forum where I author rants against those who have hurt me; past or present.

Secondly, I like my privacy. I have decided that I will not give out any proper names, including my own. The pictures that I post of myself and my family are carefully chosen with modesty in mind as well as cropping out information about our location in the background. I think that pictures really 'make' a blog and allow it to be more real for the readers.

Lastly, comment moderation. I am all about free speech, which is why I enjoy blogging so much. Everyone has the right to express their opinions, but not necessarily here. If it is not to the benefit of the reader, then it doesn't need to be in print on my blog. This is why I have decided to enable this tab on my layout. I allow anonymous readers to leave comments, but this is my "book" and you don't just get to publish anything in it without an editorial consent. Look, the comments can't be juicier than my material, okay! :)

I would love to give to give thanks my readers! Honestly, thank you thank you thank you! As of today I have published 123 blog entries since the inception of WhatsoeverisPure more than seven months ago. According to my site meter tracking that I set up in January, I have had a total of 3,899 visits to my site over the past three months. This astounds me!

I feel like I'm giving an speech at the Academy awards here, but I would like to specifically thank a few people who have made this experience more memorable for me. There are so many of you on my blogroll and even more whom I need to add! I love reading your posts and emails! I am encouraged by your wealth of information and hilarious accounts of homeschooling life!

I also want to thank my husband who had the first blog of the family. Honey, you were my inspiration! Tracy and Leslie have been with me from the very beginning. They were the first to comment and have kept on commenting as the months have gone on! I thank you girls for your encouragement and friendship! Nester, my husband says it's good to have friends in high places, because you have referred more hits to my site- yikes, girl! You make me laugh and always have a great perspective on the home! all those readers who are in hiding... Thank you! I hope that in my blog you have found a like-minded gal that has given you an encouraging word or a laugh when you were down! The joy of the Lord is our strength, so let us praise Him together!


Tracy said...

Hey, you inspire me too...especially in the running department! I got to run today. OUTSIDE. Yippie!

Wendy said...

I know what you mean about blogging. It is such a weird thing, yet it can be (and has been for me) such a wonderful thing. I still have days that I want to delete mine. I'm always wavering back and forth on it.

I have enjoyed yours so much!