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Thursday, March 6, 2008

So, it wasn't "in the bag"

A few people have asked if I was surprised that Hillary won in my state on Tuesday. (Yes, we were one of the "superpowers"... I'll let you guess- am I in Texas or Ohio?)

I have to say that a few days before the vote, we started to receive phone calls from Mr. Obama's campaign, and then from him, "personally", urging us to vote for him on election day. We are registered republicans, so... hmmmm?

The campaign volunteers asked if I was voting for Barack. When I stated that I was not, they continued on... "Well, then who are you voting for?" I told them it wasn't for Hillary if that was their concern. The calls kept coming, mostly at night. (Honestly, if you want me to even consider voting for you, please don't call and wake up my children at 9:30pm.)

We never once received a call from Mrs. Clinton. Not a pamphlet in our front door or a message on our voice mail. Perhaps she knew something that we didn't? Perhaps he knew something the AP didn't? Interesting to say the least...

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