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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Mold

Approximately one year ago I began a journey into the world of homeschooling. I had met a handful of families that did the same and was encouraged in my exodus out of the ordinary. I began to read books by the Maxwells, Forsters, Pearls and Tripps. We began to attend family integrated worship services. I started a subscription to the Above Rubies magazine, penciled in CHEO conferences and keep up on the latest HSLDA updates. I enjoyed much of this, but also felt it part of an unwritten elite homeschoolers code of conduct that I needed keep up with.

As time has gone by I have realized that we will never be able to achieve it all, or frankly, come even close. The visions in my own mind regarding my 'perfect homeschooling life' are an illusion. For instance, I have met wonderful mothers that never seem to get riled! I am in awe! I am not laid back and calm by nature, but I am praying that the fruit of God's spirit would allow me to control my actions and show patience when my temper desires to flare!

I am slowly realizing that it is our connection through Christ and the love for our children that is bringing us together as a homeschooling community. There is no one elite family who has it all and lives the perfect life. Personally, the Lord has blessed my husband and I with unique and energetic boys that always keep us on my toes. They are social, curious, and very strong willed. They have two decimals; loud and louder. Where some children sit quietly through church, my boys roll under the pews. I praise the Lord that I have the opportunity to raise them and educate them in our home.

I initially thought my heart attitude would change if I began to change on the surface. For example; I am a jeans girl all the way- I don't even OWN a dress. I have nice pantsuits for church and am all about femininity, but you won't find any denim jumpers in my closet. Now, I have wonderful friends who have been convicted to wear long skirts and dresses most of the time. So, out I went to the thrift store to find skirts. Much like sitting in a cookie jar does not make you a cookie, thus went the analogy for my short-lived skirt wearing. Could I do it? Sure. But what purpose was it serving for me? My long-term desire is to live modestly and wear attire that reflects that. I found that I could continue wearing the clothing I currently owned and still respect my husband and the Lord.

I know that God will reveal his desires for my family (areas of health, family size, modesty, etc) and pray that I will be receptive to hear them. I am overjoyed in the diversity of God's family and excited to be a part of it. Even if our family does break the mold just a little...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. I read it everyday - but I'm not a big commenter but I had to come out of lurkdom for this one.

I have 4 kids - 8,6,4 & 2 - we started homeschooling this year through our kids' Christian school. It's a co-op where they attend school 2 days a week and they are home the other 3. I often struggle with feelings of "homeschool inferiority" b/c I'm doing a co-op and not full time. I think we all compare ourselves to the seemingly "perfect" HS families at different times.

BTW I used to work for a well known Republican media consultant before marriage and children so I just find your blend of homeschooling, politics, and Christian walk (or in your case RUN! lol!) just right up my alley! :)

:) Stephanie

Leigh Ann said...

This is a lesson it has taken me so long to learn. I think we want to "do" everything right so we jump on something that seems to be working. It can get so burdensome. I just have to sit back and remind myself that I will try as hard as I can but any good that comes of it is purely the goodness and grace of God working in me.
Thanks for an encouraging post.

Angelena said...


Thank you thank you for your kind words! I rarely ever leave comments on my own blog in reply to readers, but wanted to do so today! I am glad that you enjoy the blog and am encouraged that we have similar interests! You'll have to come out of the woodwork more often! ;)

Have a wonderful day- hope to hear from you again!


She's So There.... said...

I was a public school teacher who came home to about having to do alot of unlearning in a hurry...and three years later still working on being who God made ME to be as a homeschooling working at home mom.
hugs to you!