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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Firehouse Museum

The boys and I took a wonderful tour this morning at our local firehouse historical museum. After a lesson on "tools" vs "toys", we did a bell tour (everyone held their ears) and then off to the children's area for some pretend play!

We had such a great time with my friend Andi and her boys! I was amazed at all the detail that was put into decorating and organizing this center and wished I had taken more pictures! (not just of my "Firefighter boys"!) We will be going back this fall when my oldest starts his kindergarten studies for a demonstration on fire safety. I can truly say that this is one of the most fun field trips we have taken!

The fire boys and mommy
(smiling in front of a potentially dangerous blaze- my husband pointed out)

My youngest driving the truck (do you see that concentration?)

My oldest (gaining the whole experience in complete uniform) and "G" play together in the truck!

The boyz!

Oldest hooking up the water hose from the truck (Can't you just see him on his first real life mission? "Honey! Look over here! Smile at mommy! Let's get another for the scrapbook!" Poor kid)

The littlest Fireman- and certainly one of the cutest!

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Tracy said...

Ethan would love this! My husband is a die-hard volunteer fire fighter so all three boys have grown up hanging out at the fire house with daddy. Just what little boys love. Glad you had fun!