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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taste and See

Yesterday we celebrated my husband's birthday. I love birthdays! I like to decorate with streamers, balloons,party hats, annoying bazooka blowers, and other crazy random decor. The wilder, the better. Every year I make my husband wear a large prize ribbon badge that states "Birthday Boy". I love to make a huge dinner, sing ridiculous songs, and capture every moment on film. You may think you are turning 40, but all the dinner guests believe they have arrived to the party of a 4 year old.

Last night was no different...with one exception, okay two... I have a cold and we had to un-invite the party goers. I am missing two very important senses- taste and smell. Lets just say that cooking was a complete challenge. I didn't realize that I use these so much when I'm working in the kitchen! It was indeed a blessing that I purchased the lasagna and french bread already prepared from the store. All I had to make was the cake and ice cream. That's not so hard, right? Oh mylanta...

First, you have to include all ingredients. Strike one. Didn't have any white sugar. If anyone told you there is not difference between white and brown- don't believe them!

Next, I should have known there was a problem when my four year old asked why I hadn't stacked the layers on the cake. (I had). Strike two. They just didn't rise more than 1 inch each. So here we have a beautiful two inch thick cake. Grrrr.

Lastly, my husband cut into the cake after the traditional birthday melody. He cut again. Then grunted. Strike three. Too hard to cut into. It's a shame nobody bought the man a saw- it might have come in handy.

Well, at least the ice cream was good! I tossed the cake after it was apparent that we were all to "full" for seconds.

This morning I've made my second attempt- with a different recipe and oh- did I mention? Sugar.


Anonymous said...

Oh mylanta! LOL!!!

I've made bad cakes, too. I've tried making them without all the good stuff in them because of the allergies in our family. They just aren't the same.

Frasypoo said...

Happy birthday to hubby!
He knows you tried so dont beat yourself up about it!!!

Tracy said...

Oh, I am sorry you aren't feeling good! Then to have a birthday cake sad!

It is the thought that counts though and I am sure your hubby was so touched that you attempted this even though you were sweet.

Happy Birthday to him!

The Nester said...

So, did you use brown sugar for the ice cream? That sounds kind of delicious!