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Thursday, January 31, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

So, first... absolute apologies for the quality of the picture. (All my photo genius bloggy friends are cringing... I just know it). No, it wasn't the victim of a flood. No, it is not from 1978. No, I didn't soak it in orange koolaid prior to scanning it. Just plain old bad lighting. But a super cute kiddo, right!? Alright, enough about the quality of the photograph.

This morning my youngest son (pictured) was frantically searching for his baby doll. (Yes, he has a doll. Usually, Baby, is bungee jumping from his window panes, taking a ride on a bulldozer, or the latest experiment of gravity and the open air staircase. I do, however, believe that little boys have some desire to nurture and show a gentle spirit - on occasion- as little girls do. Thus, the baby doll.)

I was trying to get everybody to the table for breakfast and encouraged him to wait until after we were done eating. With his most sincere and earnest expression he said, "But Baby needs me." (I'm melting as a mother at this point)

I relented and allowed him to continue the search. After a couple of minutes he found the doll and was quite happy to bring Baby to the breakfast table. I smiled and said, "What a good little daddy you will be...taking care of your baby." He shook his head confidently and retorted, "I'm not the daddy... I'm the mommy!" We all giggled as I reminded him that one day he would grow up to be a big strong daddy! I pray that he would continue to have a gentle manner and a desire for loving and protecting his children! What more could a mother pray for!


Heather said...

My son and brother both had/have "babies". My son now age six still takes care of my Cabbage Patch kid and has two of his own plus another special baby named Jonathan. Of courswe the fact that he has two sisters who have a huge collection of Cabbage Patch kids and often play house with him helps. And he has more than enough "boy " toys as well. :)

The Nester said...

I think that HE is a DOLL!

When I brought home boy #2 I remember nursing him and looking across the room to see my 2 1/2 year old son nursing his stuffed kitty cat. It was SO precious!