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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Keeping Tracking... in 2008

As I sat down to prepare for bed last night I was reminded of my 'miles' sidebar that hasn't grown any in the past week. Our family has been sick with the stomach flu, respiratory flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, ear infections, and the plain old cold for the past month. (Yes, I know... you are wondering how you too could contract this and are feeling the urgency to visit.)

Well, as I began thinking about the miles, my mind began to wander. It could have been the cough medicine, but we'll chalk it up to "spiritual reflection". What if we started keeping track of lots of other areas in our life...including all things related to our personal relationship with Christ. Granted, I wouldn't dare compare it side by side with say 'exercising' or 'reading' or 'shopping'. It is interesting, however, to see how our daily time would be spent.

I am reminded as I read Galatians 2 this morning that we are justified through Christ Jesus and not through the law. There is nothing inherently or salvifically wrong with enjoying the pleasures of life, but has it become our focus? Have the things that satisfy the flesh become the primary rule or the exception?

Let us take the challenge to do a little internal inspection. If we were to keep a sidebar like the one below... what would it say?

Just Keeping Track in 2008

Study in the Word/ Prayer/ Evangelism: 0.0

Personal Entertainment/ TV: 0.0


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Frasypoo said...

Hi Angelena,
On the running front,I do so well and then I wont be able to run for a while and undo everything!!!!
this year missions is on my list,I have committed to giving money to a certain one and I hope to be faithful to it.Its hard as I dont have a job or any source of income butGod will provide!