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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where Has Carol Gone?

I am very excited to bring to you this Christmas season, a study of the carols! I was reading through some of my favorites with the boys yesterday and tears came to my eyes! The original intent of the authors to shed light on the gospel is overwhelming! Don't you find it amazing that every holiday season the television stations are flooded with hollow "Christmas Specials" sung by the height of the immoral 'pop tarts' who don't even have a clue (or maybe are just ignoring that prod of their conscience)! Let's take a deeper look at these songs and bring back to light the truth of their intention! Have we forgotten what Christmas is? Praise the Lord it is His plan of salvation through the birth of His Son! Be on the lookout each week...they're coming!


Anonymous said...

Cool!! If I had to pick a favorite, I think it's be "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." That part about "God and sinners reconciled" gets me every time.

Tracy said...

I look forward to reading these...
I hope your little guy is feeling better??