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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting to Know Us

As I watched my boys at dinner tonight it occurred to me that we have many funny family quirks. So, in the interest of sharing a little about our family, I have decided to put to pen some of my favorites!

1. Always pours his milk in the bowl first- before adding the cereal
2. Must have background noise. (This makes me a little crazy...especially if the boys are wild, the dishwasher is on, the microwave is running, the phone is ringing, we are trying to have a conversation...and John Piper is preaching it up on the laptop!)
3. Has two different colored eyes. I like to joke "Honey- love that shirt color! Really brings out your eye!"
4. Was the spelling bee champ back in his day... most days I revert to a dictionary at least once when having a conversation with him!
5. Was called to the ministry in a small church in Mexico during a short term missions trip. (Completely changed his life course immediately upon returning from the trip. He was enrolled at the State University to obtain a degree in law... ended up attending Cedarville (Baptist University in Ohio) with a pre-seminary degree!) Praise the Lord!

1. Can't stand to wear my hair down. Thus, my husband has given me the very affectionate nickname of "Bun". (Seriously- we'll be yards away from each other in the grocery store and I'll hear the familiar "Buuuuun! Buuuuuny!" and know that mommy is being beckoned.
2. I can't eat plain cereal. I usually mix three or four varieties and add lots of sliced fruits and nuts. Breakfast cereal is an experience at my house. (Thanks dad- he got me started on this years ago!)
3. Doing the dishes is a challenge for me. My goal is to get every dish in the washer after dinner. Not one must be left out! (This drives the hubby crazy- b/c my goal is not necessary that they all get clean...but they must all fit!)
4. Slept in the car on our wedding night b/c it turned out that the Presidents Suite at $200 a night also harbors roaches
5. I am an only child, but not a spoiled brat. (Right, honey?)

Bubby (4.5 yrs):
1. My solid child. He weighed 24 lbs at two months old. He eventually stopped at about 45 pounds at age three and just grew taller.
2. Has been to the ER five times and been on two Ambulance runs. A bit accident prone, perhaps?
3. Baseball fanatic...he hits harder and farther than I can...truly.
4. Torture equals having his hair washed or his toenails trimmed. The neighbors must wonder at his blood curdling screams.
5. When he was learning to talk, he used to add the word "ball" to all of his other words. (A baseball fan since birth, perhaps?) For instance, if would pass a beautiful lake, he would point and shout "Water-ball!"

Lil' Bub (27 months):
1. When eating a sandwich, smore, or any food item with layers- he pulls apart and seperates the top from the bottom...then proceeds to eat from the top down.
2. For some reason, the child has always referred to his...ahem...'poo' as 'cookies'.
3. Enjoys using 'excavator' & 'seriously' in his daily sentences
4. Started walking at 8 months (climbing furniture and chairs and cruising along the couch at 6 months)
5. Carries a blanky (that must go everywhere, mind you) that is just shy of a twin size down comforter.


Anonymous said...

I love posts like this--they're so fun to read!!!

Tracy said...

Okay...I haven't even read your whole post because I just about flipped out when I read that your hubby went to Cedarville! So did mine! Matter of fact I lived out there too because we married after his Jr. year and were in the married student housing for his Sr. year. Cool! What year? Ryan was '93. Okay, I will finish reading now.

Wendy said...

This was fun to read!