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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last year at this time I had a band of friends that I called 'running buddies'. I honestly couldn't do without them. They encourage me to press on at mile ten...eleven...and twelve when I'm exhausted and want to plunge into the nearest river.

Since our maiden voyage (aka: 1/2 marathon) one year ago, I've had the privilege of running in two 1/2 marathons, one triathlon and half a dozen smaller foot races. At least one or two of these dear friends have always been by my side...either cheering from the side-line or pulling me to the finish-line.

Currently, I'm training for another Half and have just found out today that I'm going solo. Due to injury and schedule conflicts, most of the group has decided to hold off until the Spring Half. Why is it that only AFTER I sign up and shell out nearly $80 that I find out I'm alone! I'll be okay in the race, but it's all the training that I'm dreading! All the lonely weekday runs and weekend long-runs by myself. Me. Alone. Aargh.

I'm determined (selfishly, of course) to find a friend. Someone who has the same drive and passion to get up before the sunrise and run until you stink. Oh, where are you, determined runner friend?


Wendy said...

i'm here, but too far away. hope you find someone!
you'll do great on the race!

Sandy Toes said...

Run until you stink...that made me laugh! I have been reading you blog and especially your political posting...I could not of agreed with it more!

I also love the video on the left with Sarah P.'s daughter. I never saw that...funny!

-Sandy Toes

Kate said...

i'm in georgia - where are you??!!