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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Magic in the Kitchen

Until seven days ago I never realized that my life was missing something. Until seven days ago I was not aware that my household could save money in such a great way. Until seven days ago I didn't realize that my time in the kitchen could be cut back in such amazing ways. Until seven days ago I didn't realize how healthy we could eat. Until seven days ago I didn't know that $22 could equal priceless. Amazing my friends...absolutely amazing.

I have rarely had to use pots, pans, bowls or the like since I purchased this product (conserving water due to cleanup). I have made all of our breakfast, dinners and dessert in this little black bucket in the microwave. I have not had to use any non-stick sprays, oils, butters or flour and yet everything slides out like it was sitting on Teflon. I have not had to use my oven (saving money) and keeping our home cooler (less AC)!

And on the issue time-saving...Yesterday, we had two events to go do for the Labor Day holiday. In 25 consecutive minutes I made a chocolate lava cake, brownie caramel cordial, pasta salad and barbecue chicken (chicken was cooked already)sandwiches.

Seriously! I would mix up the batter for a cake, cook it for approx seven or eight minutes, flip it out of the cooker; rinse it out and then onto my next recipe! It never is hot enough to burn you on the outside (steam gets hot so watch out when opening)... so you don't have to wait for it to cool down before going onto your next food prep step!

I've made crustless quiche in about six minutes and it just slides out... no sticky egg residue or odor. Love it love it! I've quickly made basmati rice (usually takes 20+ minutes) in about five minutes w/ zero oil and it slides right out!

No, I am not a consultant. No, I'm not being paid for this advertisement. No, I am not receiving free gifts and vacations for my plug of this amazing product. No, I am not a materialist. Okay, maybe just a little when it comes to the rice cooker.

So, if you're hooked like a little fishy after this review and would love to spend your own hard earned $22 to save you time and money- give you local Pampered Chef gal a call!


Soldier In Training said...

Yay! I am hosting a Pampered Chef party next month so I will be looking in to one of these in the meantime!

Kate said...

is this a steamer? i need one after this review!!!