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Saturday, September 6, 2008


My friends and I (the aforementioned 'running buddies') were out for a long run early this morning. Yes, friends who want to stink with me! (Please read the prior post to catch up, if you have not already done so). Anyway, on the last turn of the final stretch I decided to plug in to my MP3. I get really "in the zone" when I plug in and during that last mile or so I really like that extra adrenaline. I've heard all the stories from the elite runners that wearing music makes you less of a runner or something ridiculous like that. I've also heard that it's dangerous. Sure, danger! danger! Humph.

So, here I am...all plugged in and totally focused on the road ahead. Not really thinking about the road behind. Not really at all. Occasionally checking to my left side to make sure running friends L & S were still there. Totally focused on how 'not dangerous' I am. Totally forgetting to take one of my earplugs out at the crossing of the road (which I usually always do).

All of a sudden as we crossed the last main road and turned to finish on the trail (on the left side of the road) I lost track of L & S out of my peripheral vision and realized something was wrong. And then I saw them. Lots of them. Cyclists.

Has any one ever played dominoes? Uh-huh. In a nutshell... lots of male bicyclists in a pile. The first guy thought I was going to turn in front of them so he threw on the brakes. I quickly jumped off the path into some bushes; the guy behind the braking guy was watching me dive into the foliage and didn't see all that braking action and 'boom'! Right into him. Down. Hard.

The guy after him avoided it and about joined me in the bushes. The fourth guy was on a recumbent bike and looked really annoyed as he tried to get out of the main road and back onto the trail. Seriously! I'd be annoyed. Stupid blonde girl with earplugs on. Dangerous earplugs.

I apologized all over myself and kept asking if everyone was okay. They were so super nice and I think the one guy was just more embarrassed than hurt. Thankfully, we had just crossed a main road and they had slowed down to basically nothing- so they weren't going very fast. Honestly, they could have been really hurt. Praise the Lord- He is truly sovereign and is aware of our need for help- even we we are totally unaware of it.

So, lesson learned. Still gonna wear the dangerous earplugs, but maybe just one ear at a time...and definitely going to look out for bicycles. You'd think I'd be more careful, right?! Being the famous triathlete I am. :)


Soldier in Training said...

Glad you found some people that wanted to stink with you! Yikes on the whole bicycle deal! Glad you were all ok!

Anonymous said...

thanks for checking her out. more pictures to come, no doubt. the Lord has been good to us.

re: your running accident. very funny. i have never been a headphones guy. i kind of tend to preach or sing or something in my head to keep myself going.

and re: homeschool. i love it that you walked your son out the back door and into the front door. whatever it takes to set school apart from the rest of life!

and re: mccain. not our first pick either but we're with you.