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Monday, September 29, 2008

One year anniversary

This September marks the one year anniversary of my first ever race! I ran a 5K downtown on my birthday and had so much fun! My whole family came as well as some dear friends from my highschool! So, about two weeks ago I ran that same race again and beat my time by almost three minutes! Out of 500 runners, I came in 95th overall. Hoorah!

I started thinking about all the races that I've participated in over the past year and decided to put in a diary of pictures on the blog today. Happy running anniversary everybody! (The pictures are totally out of order and a few are missing..., but you get the idea!)

Half Marathon #2 (April 2008) 13.1 miles

First race ever! Downtown 9/2007 (5K)

Christmas Race 12/2007 (Freezing cold! Brrr!) 5K

Half Marathon #1 (13.1 miles)

Thanksgiving 4 miler (11/2007)

First Triathlon 6/2008 5K

Hubby & me! His first 5K 8/2008

Downtown 5K Night race 9/2008


Anonymous said...

A night race sounds like fun! Happy Anniversary!

Kate said...

how cool is this!!!! good for you! glad you are gaining on your time too!

Wendy said...

yay! happy anniversary!
i hope your 1/2 goes well this weekend. i will be thinking of you. mine is on sunday.
i'll look forward to your post. best to you! :)