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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Lofty Challenge

I've decided to slow things down a little. I have no idea how, mind you, except to just start over. Have you ever felt that life was passing you by as you stood there and watched...confused and amazed? I don't want to just "live it out" day after day! I want my life, experiences, and interaction to have eternal significance!

This morning I woke up at 6am , washed my face and had breakfast by myself. I read my Bible, a passage in Samuel and a chapter of "Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God". I laced up my running shoes went out for a 'Good morning sunshine' walk with the Lord. I prayed aloud as I enjoyed the gorgeous sun creeping up over the horizon for about fifteen minutes. I came back home, made the hubby's lunch and greeted the children as they came down with sleepy faces for breakfast.

After lots of hugs and kisses for daddy's goodbye, we settled in for cheerios, juice and Bible time. I've decided to work on character traits one by one through Galatians's fruit of the Spirit passage. This week we are focusing on kindness. One of the major parts of my own character that I desire to be changed is my attitude toward my children; that of kindness and gentleness. Everything I am sharing with them is in an effort to remind myself on a daily basis! I want them to not only do as I say, but also to do as I do!

We are still a television-free family and I am loving it. I have, however, found other mindless activities to fill the void and my vision is for that to change as well. Last night I went to our local library and spent over an hour filling my basket with books from the education section; both for my children to enjoy as well as myself. I have eleven books that I want to get through in 60 days. A lofty challenge indeed. Some looked good on the shelf, but I surmise that I will only browse them as they will turn out not to be as exciting as once anticipated. Nonetheless, there are a few that will receive my undivided attention.

The biggest summer challenge is that I want my oldest (turning five next month) to be able to read by the time we start out our kindergarten studies this upcoming fall. I've been reading some really great books and am encouraged that we can do it! Now, just to discipline myself to make the time! I covet your prayers as I make some radical changes for our family!


Knit-Wit said...

Good for you - the television free thing. We are recently back to watching TV, but our time away from it taught us to keep it as entertainment and not a necessity. Now the TV is off all day long and only on in the evenings when we are ready to unwind a bit before bed.

Hadley Coble said...

Hi! I've been lurking here, and haven't left a comment, but I've enjoyed reading your blog!

I've tagged with with a MeMe over on my blog. Come check it out!

The Nester said...

I am finally here again!!!
I love reading your blog. i am going to subscribe to it when i'm done commenting.

I haven't been around much because a few people asked me to write for their blogs/online magazines and I thought I was big stuff and tried to do it. as of this week, I quit both and turned down a third. It felt great to be wanted but, I knew I was neglecting some things at home and my own blog.

Reading your post reminds me of the thought process that I went through to get here! I plan on visiting you more often now that my time is more my own!

Love you girl and I LOVE it when you tell me how many comments I have--you totally crack me up!

Oh, and that teaching your child to read thing--I was shocked at how easily my youngest learned!!! Enjoy it!

Leigh Ann said...

We have gone tv free to try to help out with the stimming. The house is just so much more peaceful and they are outside more which is the best medicine.
It is so much fun when they start to get it when reading. Daniel can't "get" the phonics rules yet but he is reading very well and even above grade level. Flash cards for sight words are great and I love the concept of word families.
I am sure you will do a great job!

Kate said...

We went without TV for abou 15 mos. when the kids were smaller. It was so nice to turn off the stimulation. We have it now, but rarely watch it. It really helped me see that I really don't need it. I rarely ever go veg out in front of it. (Instead I am on the computer!!!! help!!)