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Monday, April 28, 2008

Brotherly Love

I absolutely love that my sons are growing closer and closer every day. When one is napping the other one hovers around the stairs...pacing for his brother to wake up so they can be together. Now that the weather is warmer, they spend much of the waking hours outside in great discovery of what creation has to offer!

My oldest is very protective of the younger and even has that 'motherly' attitude; "No, you can't have your cookie didn't eat your great beans"; "Sit down or you are going to fall...are you listening to me? It's very dangerous!". This is cute, but can sometimes bring frustration as to the roles that we have in the home. My oldest wants to be the authority over his little brother when mom is out of earshot. We're working on that one!

They disagree and argue like any two little boys might, but my prayers is that very soon they would desire an attitude of respect and love for one another through my constant reminder. This past week we have been talking and reading books about kindness and respect (our library had some great children's resources!) and what God's word has to say about their love for one another. We're still working on the fruit of the Spirit as our main foundation and probably will for a long time!

Right before church yesterday. We went to my parent's church in the morning and my youngest wanted to wear his suit. Aren't they cute? Older son wore his tie. Navy tie. With black pants. Why does this bother me?? :)

Out to play for the day! We went to some garage sales as well and found some fun stuff! The boys love yard sales and my oldest can spot the signs a mile away!

Youngest models his pinstripe suit. On our way into church I told the boys that they both looked very nice. My oldest said, "Sure, but 'E' looks a lot more handsome today." I reminded them that we may look beautiful on the outside, but if our hearts are stinky that's what will show! (Funny enough- that's what the sermon topic ended up being on!)


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Those are some handsome boys!



Knit-Wit said...

You have cute boys.

When my older children start bossing around the younger children I say, "Excuse me....I am the mother here. That's my job"

Tracy said...

Well, just want to say, they will more than likely end up super close as they get older. It is SO fun to watch Dallas and Michael. They do fight, like normal brothers, but most of the time they are best play mates. BAsketball, games, wii, riding bikes, tree fort, talking together after bed much more fun for them because they have each other! They are only 16 mo. apart.

...the blue/black thing...yeah, that bothers me too. We had navy blue for wedding colors and I had the guys pay EXTRA to get navy suits because I couldn't handle black with the girls blue dresses. I'm crazy like that. So many days, as you know from having boys, you just have to turn your head and get over it! :)