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Monday, December 3, 2007

The "Perfect" Christmas Picture

Okay, so the goal this year was to avoid spending lots of money at the local portrait studio for the proverbial "perfect" Christmas picture. I love taking pictures around the house of the boys and decided to do it again this year to update all of our friends and family in their cards. Won't this be easier? Allow me to take you through our ten minute ordeal.

Get the boys dressed in adorable matching outfits. Comb and gel the hair. Bring them downstairs to set them up in front of our festive holiday "backdrop": aka- the tree.

Bribe them with 'suckers' for 'smiles'. Turn on the camera. Just as they pose as cute as possible- take the picture. Rats! The batteries just died in the camera. Run to the 'everything' drawer and rummage for a new battery. Yell over your shoulder to 'stay still'...'mommy will be right there'. Keep rummaging. No batteries. Grrrrrr.

Run back to the boys. Remind them that there are suckers coming. Proceed to prepare to take another picture while the batteries charge in the camera 'off' position. Camera back on (for 10 seconds anyway). Suckers! Smile! Click. Camera alert message "Card Full". Grrrrr. Delete Picture. Delete Picture.

Boys! Look at mommy! Hey- SUCKERS are coming! Give hugs- look at mommy! Click. Click. Batteries die again. Let the camera charge. Camera on. Look at mommy- smile! "Card Full". Delete! Delete.

SUCKERS! They're coming! Strawberry or Cherry? Click. Camera completely dead now. Hugs from the boys and the promised candy. Return to the computer to download the pictures. There must be at least one of them sitting still, together, smiling, looking with 'eyes open', at the same time, right? Hmmmm.....


Tracy said...

How funny! I go through this every year...still! I NEVER go to get their picture taken, but we did decide that Ryan and I should be in the picture (maybe) this year. Every year I get pictures of my friends kids (which is great, but most of them I have not met) and I REALLY want to see a picture of my friends! Last year is a funny story getting the boys to give me a good picture. We had the "picture session" during which I got NO good shots. Scrap that. Try again. Got an okay one a few days later but none of them were happy about it...then...the next morning the dog was lying on the floor and the boys were on top of her fooling around being cute. Snap. Got it. Cute, great, easy. It always comes when you aren't expeciting it. :)

...and YES! I got the book thank you SO MUCH! I can't wait to read it, but it probably won't be until after Christmas. I have one I am trying to finish now and several gifts I am making.

p.s. All those pictures are cute. They would be cute all together like a movie strip. :)

Heather :) said...

I happened upon you from Lux Venit. I can't tell you how many years of absolute frustration I have been through to get pretty much the same outcome. I love my photo shop for just those reasons! :) Now I just do a collage b/c it guarantees that all six in my family will look good in at least one pic. :) Your boys are super cute!

Wendy said...

I hear ya. I had the same problem. I just ended up sending a picture we took this fall.