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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"The End"

Have you ever watched a movie that was going absolutely no where, but you still finished it? Or perhaps drudged through the longest novel just waiting for the final chapter? Maybe you sat through hours of a Broadway play in order to see the 'ending'... Why is that? Aside from sheer boredom or entertainment purposes, there is indeed a deeper reason.

I was reminded during my quiet time this morning that God has given us within our hearts the desire for resolution and reconciliation. We want there to be a 'happy' ending. Something within us cries for justice. That wasn't by mistake! Think about God's plan through his Son, our atonement, so that we could be 'reconciled' back to Him. God created us to know that something was lacking so that we would one day turn to Him. Praise the Lord for His mercy and compassion!

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Just stopping by to thank you for your prayers. Talk to you soon.

Christina RN OCN