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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Helpful Hardware Folk (aka: not me)

We have been through three microwaves since my husband and I were married 7 years ago. The first was given to me by my fabulous boss as a wedding present. It stayed with us for a very long time. Unfortunately, it met its untimely demise during a water damage incident this past year. My mother wrangled a wonderful deal on our second microwave at a garage sale this past summer. It was small and snuggled nicely on our countertop.

Well, about three weeks ago my hubby informed me that our range hood was 'cooked' and we were going to need another one. The wheels began turning... "Oh, the counterspace I could inherit if we could just put an 'over the range' microwave in." So, let the price comparisons begin! Well, I was as pleased as punch when I found a fabulous deal- and I mean 'bottom bargain basement' price for a beautiful Maytag!

I brougt it home and lugged it onto our island with complete satisfaction. My husband just stared from the dining room table, "It's huge!" was about 3 times the size of our current one.

Let the installation begin! My husband took one look at the instructions and realized that we needed to put in an electric outlet. My dad, aka "master electrician" came to the rescue! We started the job around 8 pm (ish) and called it complete around 12 midnight. (nothing is as ever easy as it seems) Thank you Dad & Hubby for getting the job done! Now...what to do with all that empty counterspace?!

"Bubby helps Grandpa by holding the flashlight. (Keep in mind- we had the electric off and it was pretty dark in camera flash makes it seem bright as day!)
Grandpa's Little Helper!
"Look! The outlet is installed!" (Notice Lil' Bub's 'drill')
"Ta-da! Completion! Ain't it beautiful?!"

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Tracy said...

So jealous! Our micro died this past spring and I LOVE having the counter space without, I haven't replaced it. yet. My family HATES not having one...I love it. I have talked about an over the stove one, but did think they were expensive.Guess I will have to look for a deal. We are stainless and black though, and for some reason they charge more for stainless. I miss it for last minute defrosting (I always forget to take the meat out) and my boys miss heating up their heat packs I made them to warm their beds. We are living without one though! I keep saying, "People didn't have microwaves when I was growing up and we survived just fine." They don't like that either. :)