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Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoo Trip

My husband had Friday off because of our youngest's birthday; daddy and bubby went out for an early breakfast to Bob Evans and then we all took a trip to the zoo. We ended up visiting the aquarium for a while and then just stayed in the theme park area! We have a membership (thanks to my gracious MIL) and love spending as much (or as little) time as we like there!

The boys checking out all the fish...

Little bubby mostly stayed in this position the whole time!

Riding in the teacups! (Oldest thought this was cool...but he really wanted to be "in a giant cookie")

My little conductor!

Hubby thought the swings were a great idea for the boys. I was totally panicked! They went really high! (but of course- they all loved it!)

Hoorah! Bubby turned 3 today! (Do you love that everybody else has the same wagon?!)

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