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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Only 66 Days Remain...

I love politics. Have I mentioned that before? I truly enjoy a good debate and can thoroughly lose myself watching the 'talking heads' of Fox News & CNN. I am a hard core conservative and the values of our founding fathers mean the world to me.

Now, I must admit that this presidential race has been a difficult one for me. Early on in the primaries, I was not bedazzled by any one candidate in either party. (Although I largely vote a straight Republican ticket, I'm not opposed to looking at all the options. I would say, however, that at this point in my life I haven't found a Democratic presidential candidate that holds fast to all the values that I as a die-hard conservative cling tightly to.)

I have a lot of thoughts about this upcoming election...especially as of late. This post is probably more to put my own thoughts in print, but my desire is that the reader would also be enlightened by any provocation of my random thoughts.

First, on the topic of Sen. John McCain. Honestly, he wouldn't have been my first choice (due to my disagreement with certain issues he holds near and dear)- but for better or worse.. he's the one that has been chosen to represent the conservative side. Yes, I know there will most likely be grassroots & independent candidates pop up here and there, but in the big picture of's either McCain or Obama.

Did anybody see the Saddleback debate? When Rick Warren talked with Obama the first hour, I was very impressed with the senator's clarity of words, poise and humor. He was engaging and warm and truly seemed to enjoy the interview. Now, did I agree with all his policies and perspectives? Absolutely not. But- nonetheless, I was generally impressed overall.

THEN McCain came out. And WOW! I was blown away by the difference of the two candidates and their individuals responses to the questions. Absolute heart-felt conviction and a wealth of knowledge on almost every single topic! With the condition of our world and the United States' interaction with so many volatile countries- this is a man who knows came off as strong and unyielding. (James Dobson pointed this out in an interview last night too... he had not supported McCain, but also after this debate felt that he learned so much more about him in a very positive light.) There was honestly no comparison...hands down (even in the mind of most of the liberal media) McCain won that one.

I love it that he has served our country and served it well. A while back I sat down and read the wickipedia entry about his life from start to finish. I was absolutely overwhelmed with what he has gone through for the sake of freedom and camaraderie. His love for his country is unequivocal. He is steadfast in his belief on 'life' and conception/abortion issues; his appointment of strict-constructionist supreme court justices who will not legislate from the bench; and he understands that Islamo-fascism will not be pacified. These, among other reasons, are why I've decided to support him for the next POTUS.

I was very surprised with his VP pick yesterday, but overall I'm ecstatic. I'm sad that she has five adorable children and now has a huge political agenda to deal with- leaving them without as much as a mommy as they deserve...but that's another topic for another time. She is ultra-conservative and has a history of standing up to corruption- even when it was in her own party. I think she was a great choice and I'm excited to see what the following campaign days will bring.

Now, on the topic of Barack Obama. First, one of my biggest concerns with Obama's following is the 'race' issue. Everyone is so excited with his skin color and that his presidency would be a huge step in breaking down the barriers of segregation. Look, I'm all about breaking down barriers, but to put someone in the highest position in the land because he has slightly more melatonin in his skin is absolutely ridiculous. People want change. Great- let's change up Washington, but not because of color. That's not breaking down racism- it's promoting it. Let's put a candidate in this position because of their ability to lead wisely, conviction of God-honoring issues, experience and proven commitment to our nation.

(It shouldn't be about 'not' putting another white man in office because he's white or putting a woman in office because she's a female. If you really want a big change just for the 'effect' and making of 'history'- then put in an 5 year old boy- that'll change things up.)

Anyway, I digress...

Because of my stance on abortion, marriage, health-care, economy, energy, immigration and national security, I can't cast my vote with Sen. Obama. There are other personal issues that I have with Obama, but they aren't any different than perhaps if Romney or Giuliani had been elected. I am, however, deeply concerned with his lack of foundational patriotism, disrespect of the Bible, stance on infanticide, and personal affiliations.

I know that there are many who are considering voting for Obama because of his platform on political and social reform, but I plead you to look at the deeper issues...mainly the ones involving human life.

Friends, the sanctity of life is more precious to our God than any other topic and it HAS to trump all other agendas- no matter how fabulous and groundbreaking they are. No one candidate is perfect, nor will any one nominee hold all your personal convictions as dear as you do. But, if we are going to appoint one man to the highest position in our land- he should not only understand the value of innocent life, but serve to protect it at all costs.


dons_mind said...

well stated. couldn't agree with you more. good post!

Katie said...

Good job. It is pretty much how I feel. How can we as chrisitans look over the abortion issue and vote for someone that does not care? I struggle, with that, knowing christians that love Obama. I have nothing against a lot of what he says, he is good in a lot of areas but that one issue really hurts me. It is also hard for me to see some of my adoption buddies support him, knowing how we feel about abortion.

Leah in Iowa said...

Wonderfully said, Angel. I wish you could see me standing and cheering over here! =)

Soldier In Training said...

Wow! I just came across your blog through the Nesting blog...(I can't remember the name, but I found it through Kellys Korner blog and I am so glad I ran into yours!) I just started blogging again as of today!! Anyway, I'm getting off subject here, but I was so impressed with how well said that was. Your thoughts are mine exactly (although your words are much more eloquent!) What you posted is EXACTLY what I wished to say to someone who was trying to overlook Obama's stance on abortion and particularly infanticide. I think I'll just print your post off and show it to her instead! :)

Kate said...

Articulated to a T. He certainly wasn't my top pick either, but after the Saddleback interview, I had a new view and open mind towards him. I am thrilled with his VP pick - that was a brilliant move that I think will win the conservative vote. Lots to do and pray for over the next 50+ days...