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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Proverbs Woman Event!

Last night I hosted the first Proverbs Woman open house event at my home! We had a wonderful time and can I just say... TONS of fabulous food! Of all the pictures I did get- I never got one of our complete and abundant food table! We had over twenty ladies attend and lots sign up to have a booth this fall! Praise the Lord for wonderful women...

The first few ladies to attend (some friends from church) sitting and relaxing together!

"T" hosts a Pampered Chef table!

This was a picture of the "before" food table. Don't look, but I just realized my candle was crooked.
"A" hosts her home-baked creations table. Mmmmm!

When the ladies entered, they had the opportunity to register for our grand prize drawing...a $100 basket filled with items donated from each vendor participant. Congratulations Ann G.!

The "before" pictures of "A" home-baked creations table!

Here is my table! I had over 15 ladies sign up for more information about my photography business. I also had a call from a patient that I used to take care of years ago when I was in OB practice who saw some pictures I had one and scheduled an appointment with me! So cool!

My granola exhibit. :) I make homemade granola and decided to put out a few warm out of the oven batches for the event!

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