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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TRI Update

My triathlon is exactly one month from today! I have not been training as much as I should have at all. I've chalked it up to a complete and absolute lack of personal discipline. I encouraged a friend to do this along with me (from my running club) and she's been super busy and unable to train with me on our 'assigned' days. So, instead of just going on my own (like I have for other races in the past), I've opted to stay home or do something else. Bad Angelena!

Last night I went to our local gym for about three hours and busted it out! I jumped on the stationary bike for 5 miles of 100+ RPM; ran to the locker room and changed into my running shorts and ran laps on the indoor track (approx 2.5 miles) and then ran back to the locker room (it's all about quick transitions, you understand) to throw on my suit and do laps. I must have looked absolutely ridiculous (and apparently on the edge of drowning) because the lifeguard kept leaning forward as if he was getting ready for a rescue. All in all it was a good night.

I have to admit that I feel very prepared for the run (only 2 miles) , somewhat prepared for the biking portion (only 12 miles) , and absolutely scared out of my whits about the swim. I think I can make the 1/4 mile without too many problems (I hope!), but the 'open water' issue has me cringing!

When we have vacationed to the ocean- I DON'T go into the water. Never past my ankles and even that is pushing my boundaries. I like to SEE where I am going. I like to know that large fish (aka: sharks) aren't going to feast on my flesh. You understand, right? The picture above is likened to the water I'll be swimming in. Eechk! What if it's freezing cold? What if I get confused and swim the wrong way? What if a giant duck attacks me!?

Truly, I'm looking forward to the race. It'll be good to tackle my fears and push my limits. I think that the reason I've done a lot of these races is because of the mental boundaries that can be crossed. In the past, I've been a person that opts out of doing things or going places because of that 'fear of the unknown'. I'm constantly reminded that 'God has not given me a spirit of fear, but rather power, love and a sound mind' to deal with any circumstance that comes my way.

So, you big algae infested lake-just watch out! Here I come! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW, I bet you'll do great. Races are totally different, there are people and adrenalin.

Wendy said...

You'll do great! I'd be ready for the run and bike, but swimming is definitely a weak area for me.

lady jane said...

Found your blog by way of a rabbit trail and thought I'd comment on this post. :o)

My daughter is a senior lifeguard and as a side job lifeguard's for athletic events such as the one you're in. She's had to save a few people due to cramps or exhaustion. It's a good idea to have at least one certified guard (especially a senior guard) in the water (in a boat) to ensure safety.

As to the algae (and duck poop) infested lake, take an intense shower afterward. That stuff is nasty. Wretch!

The best to you..I'm sure you'll do amazingly well. :o)