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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The One That Got Away

This past weekend our family went fishing off a lake about 45 minutes from our house. We have some dear friends who live off the lake and spent our time on their dock. My husband loves to fish (as do I), but rarely finds the time to do so. It was such a relaxing weekend with the boys!

I have to brag about the 'one that got away'. I caught a really BIG bass (biggest one of my life so far), but didn't get a picture. Granted, it wasn't big enough to swallow Jonah, but I was proud of it! So, I'll just have to describe it for you... approx 18 inches long and a good 7+ pounds. Unfortunately, he got away before we could get the picture! All told, I think we brought in about 20 fish between was a slow night, but we had a great time!

I had to pose with something! This is a little catfish I caught around 11pm that night.

Oldest and his catch! He was a little trooper!

Waiting patiently on the dock...

My parents came out and surprised us our second day out and stayed into the night. It was nice to have them there!

Daddy and the boys early afternoon getting all the hooks baited.

Little one waiting for his "big catch"!

We had such great weather this weekend! Daddy helps oldest with some pointers...

Daddy and his catfish. We sure had quite a time getting the hooks out of 'em! Mean little fish!

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Wendy said...

That looks like a fun day!