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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Strong Willed Son

My youngest son and I just spent well over 35 minutes in "negotiations" over one blue pillow and one twin sized down comforter-aka: the blanky. Allow me to set the scene for you...

In the left corner weighing 27 pounds, the strong-willed, blonde-headed 2 year old.

And in the other corner weighing...ummm-none of your business..., the also strong willed, also blonde-headed...Mom.

The most dreaded...the most feared time of all...Naptime.

Little one was asked to get into his bed. To lay his head on his pillow. To pull his all-time favorite twin-sized down comforter up around his little sweet warm belly.

Little one would have nothing to do with obedience. Nothing.


35 mintues later- Little one has acquiesced to mom's authority, but his heart is not happy.

Mom has to leave the room for a moment to deal with older brother, but desires to return quickly to assure that there is a happy-hearted obedient son ready to sail into nappy time.

Mom returns to the bedroom to find little one asleep. With his head on the pillow. And his blanky pulled up around him...

On the FLOOR.

My little Legalist.


Anonymous said...


Amanda Jo said...

What a sweet little guy! I totally know about moments like these...I have a wild 4 year old who has a strong willed-streak a mile wide!

Great post!

Lisa said...

My son was the two year old of negotiations! I thought he came into the world as a lawyer for years!! He is now almost 11 and I miss those times, wait, he still negotiates. Never mind!

Lisa Q

Maggie said...

So cute!