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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Vacation in a nutshell...thus far

Greetings from Florida! The boys and I headed down to Orlando to enjoy a relaxing and fabulous vacation with my parents. We are looking forward to spending time with my aunt & uncle in the Venice Beach area as well. My husband was unable to come due to work- so I am "single-mom'n" it on my own. Here's the run down thus far...

Last Wednesday: I get diagnosed with a sinus infection & get started on antibiotics (I hate meds, but tried to kick it on my own FOREVER with all my organics and herbs and just didn't want to leave on an 8 day vacation and be sick...)

Wednesday night: My youngest starts sneezing and seems a little "off".

Friday night around midnight: Youngest wakes up with a high fever, ear ache and runny nose. He literally cries from midnight to 6am. My husband ended up sleeping on the floor next to the bed so that our little one could curl up next to me. That didn't really work, so we went downstairs to rock in the recliner for about two hours. Finally fell asleep by 6:15am.

Saturday morning (7am). Woke up and got a shower. Started loading the van with all the luggage and wishing that I lived next door to a Starbucks. Dressed the kids and now off to the airport.

Saturday afternoon (12:30pm) After a non-eventful flight, with the exception of my youngest screaming his head off due to the air pressure & his painful infected ears for thirty minutes, we land, get our luggage and head to pick up the rental car. Apparently, the rental car place had whacked out computers and it took us two hours to get our mini-van. It was a great price, so I won't complain. We were able to check into our condo and call our doctor back in Ohio to get some meds for little one who is now running a high fever yet again. At least no one is throwing up.

Sunday morning (5:30am): Oldest wakes up in full-force vomiting. Every twenty minutes for the next 16 hours.... Youngest is starting to feel better. Oldest is a big pile of limp five year-old. And he keeps finding odd places to throw up. Lots of laundry in our new condo. Guest services very much NOT helpful when asked for additional cleaning products. Quarantined inside while the sun is shining outside. Called the doctor again (third time) to see about oldest's sickness. Happy Mother's Day.

Monday morning: Still lots of sickness and now oldest has a high fever. Watching much more television then I ever envisioned letting my children watch. At least we have cable options. We were able to get out in the sunshine a little bit and enjoy some time in the kid pool area. Beautiful resort- had the opportunity to go running around the vicinity in gorgeous evening weather. Oldest vomited all over the newly cleaned bed linens and blankets. Back to the washing machine. Missing my husband very much right now.

Tuesday morning: Thunderstorms. The illness seems to be getting better. Praise the Lord!

Tuesday evening: Just had dinner. Oldest is teary eyed...seems that his ear is aching. Seriously?! If I call the doctor again, he's going to think I'm trying to get medicine for some sort of underground pharmacy I'm running in Florida. AArgh- what will tomorrow bring? It can't get worse...right?!

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