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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The blogger returns

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how busy life can get! I'm falling quite behind on the blogging front lately... So, for those friends and family that only find out how we're doing from my writing- I'd better get back to work! :) Hmmmm...where to start?!

Well, the kids are doing well. So far we haven't been ill at all- which is very wierd for us. Usually, we're on virus #12 by this point in the this is a huge blessing. Of course, I'm waiting for the shoe to drop.

Homeschooling is going smoothly- I've backed down to about 1.5 hours a day on most days. We do breakfast and chores right after waking up and then start our Bible time, followed by math, phonics/reading, handwriting and learning games. That's about the extent of our schooltime right now; just the basics! My oldest is not as applied as he could be, but I think that's because Mommy isn't making a huge deal about that right now. When I 'push' for him to excel, he always does.

Little one is getting taller, but the poor child refuses to gain weight! :) He eats like a bird (unlike anyone else in this family) and could take or leave mealtimes. He gets excited to be a part of school time and is learning phonics right alongside of older brother. Hoorah!

My photography business is doing quite well. I did my last outdoor shoot for the season last weekend and brrrrrr was it chilly! I think it was in the high 20's with lots of wind and absolutely no sun. I dressed quite poorly- only a shortsleeve shirt and a fleece. Husband was kind enough to loan me his coat and my son gave me his little toboggan- I must have looked the sight! The client booked a two hour time slot (senior pic) and we were all shaking by the end!

With the demand to continue the business through the cold season, I decided to purchase a great deal of indoor equipment; backdrops, lighting, props, etc. I know we are in the holiday season, but I hope it keeps up this busy even after Christmas! I'm enjoying working with the families and making some extra money as well.

Our church plant is going well. We have stayed around 20-40 people on a weekly basis and are enjoying getting to know new families and the tried and true ones even better. As of the new year, we will finally transition into a full fledged Sunday morning service... I think. Part of the joy of starting something yourself is that you get to 'make the rules'. Please keep us in prayer as we reach out to the unsaved in our community.

One of the mothers from our church is going to run with me this Thanksgiving morning for a 4 miler race for a local charity benefit. I'm slightly nervous, because although I renewed my membership at the local gym, I'm only running indoors right now! We're gonna freeze on Turkey day!

So, our Thanksgiving plans include a ham this year. I've never cooked a turkey and I don't plan to start this year. Is that bad? Can you have a real holiday meal without the turkey? I'll let you know how it goes...

A blessed day to all!


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