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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pride goes before the fall... revisited

Remember those trendy little black heels from this post? Well, I should have known all the troubles that are caused when I wear them...but I too quickly forgot.

Last night I had my first meeting with a wedding client who was interested in obtaining my photography services for her reception. And yes- I wore those trendy little heels along with my favorite jeans and my big red leather purse filled with my folders, samples and portfolio. It's a rare night indeed when I go out into the evening kid-free with my hair washed and an actual hint of makeup. Yes sir, I was feelin' good and professional.

The consult went great and they ended up booking me on the spot. Feeling quite accomplished, I went to the grocery store afterwards and continued to strut around in my heels through the produce...past the deli...and around the bakery. I felt like everyone was looking and saying to themselves, "There is a lady that has it all together".

Yep, pride goes before the fall. The Lord even brought that to my attention as I was leaving the grocery. Are you wondering what's going to happen? Wait for it...

So, I headed over to my parents house to say 'hello' and spend a few minutes with them. Then I went home- unloaded all the groceries and headed up for bed. I went right into our bathroom and flipped on the light...and to my horror I saw something in the mirror that will haunt me for the rest of my days...

A huge (no exaggeration) glob of bright blue-green toothpaste was stuck to the side of my head and all over the stem of my glasses. Ugh. Apparently, prior to my quick departure out of the house earlier on in the evening, I had set my glasses down on the sink's edge (where the uncapped toothpaste was) and put them back on without even considering they might be marinating in minty freshness!

Oh, those trendy heels. Oh, my heart of pride. When will I learn? The Lord is good and always keeps my spirit humble... Praise Him- even for toothpaste!


The Nester said...


That is a great story! So sorry it was true but, it make us all love you more!

Leah in Iowa said...

At least we know you're not vain, spending hours gazing on your loveliness! =)