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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Has it really been this long?

I am amazed that I haven't blogged in months. I used to daily monitor my blog and write all kinds of interesting (right?!) posts. Now all I write about is how I haven't written anything. Or wrote anything. Or how I apparently need grammar lessons.

The family is all very well. The boys are growing and as goofy as ever- please see above picture for proof. 2010 has been a very full year. I'd love to point out a few highlights for any of you left reading this blog. Or perhaps it's just for me. The dates will probably be quite my thoughts turn to the past year and all its happenings.

*March of 2009: My husband and I planted a family-integrated, Reformed & evangelical church and we went to full-time Sunday morning services. Oikos is amazing. God is so good and we have the most wonderful friends. We are learning daily what it means to step out in faith.

*May 2009: I ran my third half-marathon and it was pretty much disastrous. I had been really busy with homeschooling and work that I only trained on the weekends. So, when the time came for the race- I blew out my ankle. A 13.1 mile race took me over 3 hours. Not good. I opted not to race in October '09, but am signed up and ready to do the May '10 half-marathon with hopes that I will be disciplined in my training.

*September 2009: I turned 30. I think that's all I need to say about that.

*September 2009: My husband was diagnosed with cancer. He was 32 years old and we were told four days before my 30th birthday that he would have immediate surgery on my 30th birthday. He had a very serious melanoma on his chest and has a major scar now. The weird thing about melanoma is that there are NO tests to see if the cancer has spread and there is really NO treatment if it has. We were totally resting in the sufficiency of Christ. We still are.

*May 2009: I celebrated one full year of owning my own business. I am the sole proprietor of my own photography studio and loving every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. I do have to deal with people sometimes.

*July 2009: I was introduced to Facebook. It has been a great way to find old friends and communicate daily with new ones. I have found that you can truly find out who someone is through Facebook. I am (sadly) amazed at the lack of propriety on FB.

*October 2009: My husband and I celebrated nine years of marriage, two boys and one goldfish. Sadly, the other one died. But, the marriage is alive and the family is well.

*April 2009: I went on vacation with the myself. Owen had to work, but I really wanted to take the boys to Florida to visit with my aunt and uncle. Never EVER again. We got on the plane and my youngest spiked a big fever. As soon as we landed and arrived at the condo, my other one got ill. They had high fevers for three days and then I had the nerve to say, "Well, at least no one is throwing up." Strike up the band and bring on the buckets, baby. Stomach flu hit for the next three days. Then, it was time to come home. Ahhh....memories.

*January 2010: I am finally visiting my old blog. I miss my bloggy friends and hope somebody is still out there. Happy New Year everyone.


Leslie said...

Wow! 2009 was very busy for you. Starting a new church, melanoma, ruining your ankle, starting a business, and home schooling! Whew! I'm glad you blogged again. It's great to hear how you're doing. Happy New Year!

Meghan said...

Hey! Angel posted something, YAY. It's great to read an update. We miss you all so much.
I think a family in our church was going to visit Oikos while they were in Columbus. Did they come?

Looking forward to seeing you in April. Love and hugs to you all.