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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Mountain Run

Merry Christmas belated to all you fellow bloggers! We just arrived home from our Smoky Mountain Christmas extravaganza... So, I thought I would post in parts about different aspects from our trip- as opposed to overwhelming you with 1611 pictures and oodles of paragraphs. ;)

Well, somewhere in my blonde head, I decided that a mountain run would be just the ticket to shed some of those unwanted holiday cookie poundage. As seen above- my husband captured my good intentions of serious 'running' magazine reading. I was feeling inspired and decided to conquer the mountain in the beautiful and rare 71 degree Christmas "summer".

Huh. Well, let's see... I barely got one good mile in, but it sure felt like death. I don't think ankles were created to run on the steep angles that I tried to overcome this week. At one point I was going downhill so fast that I was afraid that if I tried to stop, I'd start to roll like a hedgehog all the way to the bottom.

So, I did it and now I can say that I did it...that's about it. :)

1 comment:

Frasypoo said...

Started my year talking to you so have to end it the same way!!!
I was in the smoky mtns this weekend too!!
PS:I am doing the Disney princess half marathon in March